AngleDMax, AngleDMin  
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Menu:   Measure > Parameters  
Script:   SelectParam ("AngleDMax", "AngleDMin")  

Select these parameters to compute the orientation of the maximum and minimum diameters of objects. The diameter is defined as the length of the line segments connecting opposite boundary points and passing through the Centroid
. A set of diameters is obtained from a family of such lines with angles varying from 0 to 179 degrees.

AngleDMax returns the angle at which the maximum diameter is found.

AngleDMin returns the angle at which the minimum diameter is found.

The direction of angle measurements depends on the Y-axis direction in the image calibration scale. If the Y-axis is pointed down (which is a default setting), the angles are measured from the positive X-axis clockwise. To measure the angles counterclockwise, reverse the direction of Y-axis. See Spatial Calibration
for more details.