Capture AVI  
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Menu:   Acquire > Capture  
Script:   grabAVI  

This tab of the Capture dialog box lets you capture an AVI file from the video device selected in ImageWarp.
Displays the name of the AVI file in which the captured video will be stored. To select a different file, type another name or click the Browse button.  
Lists the video compression codecs installed in your system. To choose the codec you want to use, click the arrow to the right. To increase the amount of compression in the video, move the Compression Quality slider to the right (the slider appears dimmed if the codec doesn't support this function). To change any additional settings provided by the codec manufacturer, click the Configure button (the button appears dimmed if the codec doesn't support this function). To find out any information on the codec manufacturer, click the About button (the button appears dimmed if there is no such information supplied with the codec).  

Note – Some codecs support only certain image types and might not work with the current Format settings of the video device. To find out information on the compatibility of a codec, contact the codec vendor.  
Displays the total number of the video frames to be captured into the AVI file. Type or select a different value if you want to change the number of video frames to be captured.  
Displays the delay (in milliseconds) between consecutive video frames in the AVI file. Type or select the desired interval between frames. The actual frame rate depends on the video device, video frame size, and AVI compression settings, and it can exceed the selected delay time. In this case, ImageWarp will use the least possible time between frames adjusting the frame rate for the AVI file accordingly.  

Live Preview
Check this box to have ImageWarp display a minimized live video in the preview window of the dialog box. During the AVI capture, live preview is automatically synchronized with the ongoing frame rate.  
Note – it is not recommended that the live preview on the capture dialog be enabled while the Video Window is displayed because it can disturb the video stream and lower the frame rate.  
Click this button to start capturing into the AVI file. The progress indicator on the status bar will display the capture progress.  
Stop Capture
Click this button to stop the AVI capture. The recorded AVI file will contain the number of frames accumulated by the moment the button was clicked.