Basic skills  
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To use ImageWarp, you must be familiar with Microsoft Windows operating system and have the following skills:
·Using keys and key combinations on the keyboard  
·Basic mouse actions: move, click, double-click, click-and-drag  
·Selecting commands from pull-down menus  
·Selecting commands from toolbars  
·Sizing and moving windows  
·Selecting items from list boxes  
·Selecting commands from pop-up lists  
·Moving through directories and files  

If you do not yet have these skills, consult your Windows documentation.

To start ImageWarp, go to the Windows Start menu and click Programs | ImageWarp | ImageWarp 2.0. You can also click the ImageWarp icon on your desktop. The ImageWarp splash screen will appear displaying the copyright and the registration information. The splash screen will disappear in a few seconds and the Graphical User Interface
will open, covering most of the area of your screen. You can disable showing the splash screen on startup by unselecting the Show on startup option at the bottom of the splash screen.

To exit ImageWarp, select Exit from the File menu or press Alt+F4. If you created new images, data tables or a script during your work session or if you modified them, one or several message boxes will appear, asking if you want to save the current changes. Click Yes to save changes or No to exit without saving changes. Click Cancel to return to ImageWarp without saving your changes.