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ImageWarp features an advanced two-level demo mechanism.

The limited demo is distributed on the ImageWarp Demo CD and it can also be downloaded at limited demo has the following restrictions:

·14 days trial period  
·Only the simulation device is supported for the video capture (no support for Bit flow, FireWire, VFW, WDM or TWAIN devices)  
·Only demo images can be opened from the hard drive  
·Images can be saved in the ImageWarp proprietary format (IWD) only.  
·Images cannot be copied to or pasted from the Clipboard  
·A number of selected functions are disabled  
·Execution of scripts is interrupted every 60 seconds  

The basic demo can be upgraded to the extended one through the registration procedure. The extended demo has full functionality of the commercial release with the following exceptions:

·21 days trial period  
·Only BitFlow, FireWire (IEEE-1394) and GigE Vision camera interfaces are supported for the video capture.  
·Images can be saved in the ImageWarp proprietary format (IWD) only.  
·Images cannot be copied to or pasted from the Clipboard  
·Only limited amount of measurement data can be recorded or exported.  
To register your demo, continue as follows:

1.From the Help menu of ImageWarp demo select About. That will open ImageWarp splash screen. Find the Computer ID at the bottom of the splash screen and write it down or copy to the Clipboard.  

2.From the Help menu select Registration. This should automatically open Microsoft Internet Explorer and redirect you to the ImageWarp Registration page. Alternatively, you can open the Registration page directly by using the following URL:  

3.Fill out the registration form by entering your name, Computer ID, e-mail address and other requested information. Click Register ImageWarp Demo at the bottom of the page. If your information is valid, you will see a confirmation of your registration.  

4.Within several minutes you should receive an e-mail with an attached Registration File. The file contains the registration data that match the User Name and Computer ID you have provided.  

5.If ImageWarp is running on your system, exit it. Save the attached imagewarp.registration file to the ImageWarp's folder. If you have not changed the default folder during the setup, it will be in C:\Program Files\ImageWarp\.  

6.Download the demo upgrade setup by clicking the corresponding URL in the e-mail you have received. If your browser is running on the computer where ImageWarp demo is installed, open the file to initiate the demo upgrade. Otherwise save the file on a floppy disk or network drive, transfer it to the computer with ImageWarp demo installed and execute it there.  

7.Start ImageWarp, go to the Help menu and click Registration. The Registration dialog box will appear, displaying your Customer ID, User Name, and Registration Code. If the data are valid, ImageWarp will automatically register itself and restart. Now you can start using the extended ImageWarp demo in its full power.