GrayAvrg, GrayMax, GrayMin, GrayI, GraySD  
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Menu:   Measure > Parameters  
Script:   SelectParam ("GrayAvrg", "GrayMax","GrayMin","GrayI", "GraySD")  

Select these parameters to compute the intensity (gray value) within the objects. For color images the gray value for each pixel is calculated using the formula:


Ri,Gi,Bi are red, gray and blue components respectively.

The gray values of pixels can optionally be scaled by using the Intensity calibration
. In this case all the intensity parameters will be measured in the calibrated engineering units.

GrayAvrg returns the average gray value of pixels within the object:

gray2 where N is number of pixels within the object

GrayMax returns the maximum gray value within the object.

GrayMin returns the minimum gray value within the object.

GrayI returns the integral gray value within the object:


GraySD returns the standard deviation of pixels' gray values within the object:


In the Field Measurements
the parameters are calculated for the whole phase rather than for separate objects.

Note – if the Intensity calibration was performed on the image in the Logarithm mode, these parameters will be computed using the optical density rather than gray levels of pixels. See Intensity calibration
for more details.