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Menu:   Processing > Morphology… > Geodesy->Separation  
Script:   separate  
Use this command to separate touching convex objects in a binary image
. The function works by performing the Distance Transform
of the image followed by Watershed to locate the separation lines in the distance map. The metric used for computing the distance map depends on the Mode selected.

If you choose this command, the following options will become available:

Displays the input image frame number. If you want to process another image, type or select the corresponding value.  

Displays the number of the frame in which the output image will be created. Depending on the Preferences. ImageWarp will set it either to the first available value or to the Input frame number. Type or select another value if you want the output image to be created in a different frame.  
Select this check box to watch the Preview of the output image.  

Lets you choose the metric for distance calculation.  
Select City block to use a 4-connected metric. Only vertical and horizontal movements are allowed.  
Select Chess board to use an 8-connected metric. Vertical, horizontal and diagonal movements are allowed.  
Select Chamfer to use an 8-connected metric where vertical and horizontal movements are weighted with a weight of 3, while diagonal movements are weighted with a weight of 4.  
Select Euclidian to approximate Euclidian distance.  
Select this check box if you want the objects to be labeled (identified) after separation. See Identify for more details.