Flood tool  
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Toolbar:   drawfill  
Script:   drawFlood, setFlood, label  

Use this tool to fill an area of connected similar pixels with the specified fill color
. When you click the Flood tool button and move the cursor over an image frame, the cursor will take shape of a bucket with a cross. Position the cross over the area you want to fill and click the left mouse button.

To select the Flood tool tolerance settings, double-click the brush tip sample on the Palette Bar
. The Tool Settings dialog box will appear with the Tolerance options at the bottom. Indicate the desired threshold for hue, lightness and saturation in the Hue, Light and Sat boxes respectively. When you click a certain point in an image, ImageWarp uses the tolerance settings to determine how similar in color are adjacent pixels to the pixel in the current point. If a pixel lies within the tolerance range, ImageWarp applies the fill color to it. Low tolerance makes ImageWarp fill pixels within a range of color values close to the pixel in the current point. High tolerance allows ImageWarp to fill pixels within a broader range.

You can set the intensity of the fill color by moving the Brush Intensity slider on the Palette Bar
and watch the changes in the brush tip sample. To set the intensity of the fill color in the Tool Settings dialog box, move the Intensity slider or indicate the desired value in per cent. To "dilute" or to "thicken" the fill paint, decrease or increase the value respectively.