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Toolbar:   drawtext  
Script:   setText, setFont  

Use this tool to add text to an image. When you click the Text Tool button and move the cursor over an image frame, the cursor will take shape of a cross with the letter "A." Position the center of the cross where you want a corner of the text box to be, press the left mouse button and drag the cursor in any direction to draw the text box. As you drag the cursor, ImageWarp displays the coordinates of the starting corner and the current corner of the text box (see Status Bar
for more details). After you draw the text box, type the desired text inside it. You can also edit the text by using the DELETE and BACKSPACE keys, selecting a part of the text, copying and pasting it in another place. To resize the text box, position the cursor over any side of the marquee and drag the side of the marquee. To resize the text box so that both dimensions are affected simultaneously, position the cursor over any corner of the marquee and drag the corner of the marquee. To change the font of the text, right click on the image. That will invoke Font dialog box where you can pick up the font parameters. To change the color of the text, you can pick draw color by left-clicking your mouse on the appropriate color in the Palette Pane. For the fine-tuning of draw color, double-click your mouse on the Palette Pane to use the Select Color dialog box (for RGB images) or the Select Levels dialog box (for high-depth gray images). If the active image is a palettized one, you can double-click on the Palette Pane to use the Palette Editor. If you want to cancel typing and/or draw another text box, simply click the Text Tool button. After you finish typing, click your mouse outside the text box. After you do this, the text box merges with the image, and no further editing is possible.