Constraint check  
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Menu:   Table>Constraint Check  
Use this command to toggle constraint checking in the active table.

Constraints are limitations or conditions placed on the variables in the data tables. They are expressed as algebraic statements appended to formulas. You can attach a constraint expression to any formula, by typing a semicolon (;) and the constraint conditions after the formula.

Any valid expression which returns a numeric value is also a valid constraint expression. However, unlike the expression that defines a cell value, a constraint expression can reference the cell in which it resides, using the symbol #.

For example, the formula

   =A1 + A2 ; #2 && #<=B5 || #==C7
means, ``the value of the current cell is the sum of cells A1 and A2, and that value must be either greater than 2 and less than or equal to the value of cell B5, or equal to the value of cell C7.''

When calculating the spreadsheet, ImageWarp ignores constraint expressions unless constraint checking is enabled.