Page Setup  
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Menu:   File > Page Setup…  

Use this command to adjust the page settings of the current data table. If the active document is an image frame, this command is unavailable. If you choose this command, the Page Setup dialog box will appear with the following options:

Lets you choose the distance in inches between the edges of the page and the borders of the table. To set the Left, Right, Top or Bottom margin, indicate the desired value in the respective box on the right.  

Titles and GridLines
Lets you choose the titles and gridlines settings of the table. You can see how your table will look with the selected options in the Preview window on the right.  
Select the Row Headers check box
to have each row numbered to the left of the table.
Select the Column Headers check box
to have each column headed by letters at the top of the columns.
Select the Print Frame check box
to print the horizontal and vertical cell gridlines on the table.
Select the Vertical Lines check box
to set the vertical gridlines on the table.
Select the Horizontal Lines check box
to set the horizontal gridlines on the table.
Select the Only Black and White check box
to print a color table in black and white (recommended for matrix printers).

Page Order
Lets you choose the order in which data is numbered and printed when it doesn't fit on one page.  
Click First Rows, then Columns to have rows numbered and printed before columns.  
Click First Columns, then Rows to have columns numbered and printed before rows.  

Center on Page
Lets you center the table on the page within the margins.  
Select the vertical check box, the horizontal check box or both to center the table accordingly.  

Save settings to profile

Select this check box to store the current Page Setup settings as the default settings for printing all other data tables. Note that if you save the settings to profile, they will be applied even if you don't choose the Page Setup command on the File menu before printing another document.  

Closes the dialog box and applies the settings.  

Closes the dialog box without performing any action.