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Toolbar   tablefunction  
Menu:   Table>Paste formula..  
Use this command to define an expression and paste it as a function into the current cell of the active data table:

When you choose this command, the Paste formula dialog will appear with the following options:


This list box allows you to select a group of functions. Choose among the following groups: Mathematical, Statistical, Conditional Statistical, String, Logic, Digital Logic, Financial, Data and Time, Miscelaneous, Embedded Tools.  
Lists all the functions available in the selected group. When you click the desired function in the list box, the corresponding expression will appear in the Formula string field.  
Displays a short description of the function selected.  
Shows the range of cells selected for the calculations. Initially it is set to the range of cells currently selected in the data table. For example, if you highlighted the cells B1-B16 in the table, the Selection field will read "B1..B16". Modify this field if you want to use a different range of cells for the selected function.  
Formula string
Shows the algebraic expression for the selected function. Depending on the function, the argument list of the expression may show the whole range of cells listed in the Selection field, or only the first cell from the range. For inctance, if the selected range is B1..B16, the SQRT function will generate "=SQRT(B1)" expression, while the SUM function will generate "=SUM(B1..B16). You can edit the automatically generated formula string by entering the desired function and its arguments.  
Check this option to have ImageWarp calculate the selected expression and display the result in the box below.  
Paste to
Reports the cell into which the selected function will be pasted. By default this option receives the coordinates of the current cell (the one that was selected when the Paste formula command was called). Modify this filed if you want to paste the function into a different cell.