Generate Sine  
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Menu:   Processing > Generate… > Sine  
Script:   genSine  
Use this command to generate a flat sinusoidal wave pattern and apply it to an image. The following equation is used for the horizontal wave:


f(x,y) is the original intensity, B is the base constant component, ë is the wavelength, and ö is the phase shift of the wave. The function also allows you to change the orientation of the wave to the horizontal.

If you choose this command, the following options will become available:

Displays the input image frame number. If you want to generate the sine wave for another image, type or select the corresponding value.  

Displays the number of the frame in which the output image will be created. Depending on the Preferences. ImageWarp will set it either to the first available value or to the Input frame number. Type or select another value if you want the output image to be created in a different frame.  
Select this check box to watch the Preview of the output image.  
Enter the amplitude of the sine wave. This value will affect the intensity variations along the wave.  
Enter the wavelength of the sine wave in pixels. This larger this value is, the longer the distance between the adjacent crests of the waves will be.  
Lets you select the constant level to be added to all pixels in the image.  
Enter the orientation of the wave to the horizontal. The angle is measured in degrees counterclockwise.  
Enter the phase shift of the wave in degrees. Modifying this value will cause a shift of the wave along the direction of its propagation. The zero value of the phase generates a sine wave; the 90 degrees value generates a cosine wave.  
Enter the color code for the wave pattern. Select one of the following colors: 1 –red, 2 – green, 3 – yellow, 4 – blue, 5 – magenta, 6 – cyan, 7 – white. Note that this parameter has no effect on the grayscale image.