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Menu:   Processing > Filters… > Enhance > Maxmin  
Script:   maxmin  

Use this function to emphasize edges of objects while suppressing the noise by using a 5x5 nonlinear convolution. The outer 16 points are searched to find the maximum and minimum values. If the difference between them is greater than a predetermined threshold, then the central pixel is replaced by whichever value, maximum or minimum is nearest to the original value.

If you choose this command, the following options will become available:

Displays the input image frame number. If you want to process another image, type or select the corresponding value.  

Displays the number of the frame in which the output image will be created. Depending on the Preferences. ImageWarp will set it either to the first available value or to the Input frame number. Type or select another value if you want the output image to be created in a different frame.  

Select this check box to watch the Preview of the output image.  

Lets you choose the threshold for the difference between the minimum and maximum intensity in the neighborhood of each pixel. If this threshold is exceeded, the pixels from the original image will be replaced by the maximum or minimum value, whichever is nearest to the original value.  

Closes the dialog box and applies the function.  

Closes the dialog box without performing any action.