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Toolbar:   drawmoveselect  

Use this tool to pan an image inside its frame window or move a selection over an image. When you click the Move Tool button and move the cursor over an image, the cursor will take shape of a hand. Press the left mouse button and drag the image into its new position inside the image frame, if it does not fit entirely. If you move the cursor over a selection area, a small arrow will appear next to the hand. Press the left mouse button and drag the selection to a new location. As you drag the selection, ImageWarp displays on the status bar the current coordinates of the upper-left corner and the lower-right corner of a rectangle selection or of a bounding rectangle enclosing a freehand selection (see Status Bar
for more details). You can also move a selection from one image to another using a drag-and-drop operation. Note that if you move a Standard Selection, it changes to a Floating Selection. See Working with Selections for more details.