Global Grid  
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Menu:   View -> Global Grid  
Script:   showGrid, setShowGrid, Grid  
Use this command to display or hide the Global Grid. The Global Grid is a special type of data document which is not associated with a file, but created in run time during the measurements. The interface of the Global Grid is similar to the one of the Data tables, except that the Global Grid does not have a spreadsheet support. If no measurements have been performed, this command will display an empty grid.

The Global Grid provides an easy access to vector parameters that render an array of values for each object measured. If a grid cell contains a vector type of data, it will display the first element of an array followed by the array's dimension in square brackets. For instance, the cells reporting the Histogram
parameter can display the following data: 12 [256]. To view the content of a vector parameter, double click a corresponding cell or click it with the right mouse button and select the View content command from the context menu. An additional popup grid will appear reporting the values of the selected vector parameter for each object measured. The values located at specific indexes of data arrays will be displayed in the corresponding columns of such a grid.

The Global Grid will typically appear after performing Automatic measurements with an empty Data File option or upon selecting Copy to Grid during the interactive measurements.

Data in the Global Grid can be accessed directly from the script with a minimal overhead, which allows using them for real-time data display and collection. To assign a specific data value to a variable in the script, click a corresponding grid cell with the right mouse button and select the Assign variable command from the popup menu. See ImageWarp Language Reference for more details.