Digital Editor  
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Toolbar:   viewdigeditor  
Menu:   View > Digital Editor  

Use this command to display or hide the Digital Editor. This tool allows you to view the pixel values of the active image or selection in numeric tabular format and edit them individually. When you select this command, the Digital Editor window will be opened and the pixel values associated with the active image or selection displayed. The format of the numeric table depends on the active image type. For a gray image, each pixel is represented by a single number, while for an RGB image it is a triad of numbers.

Since the viewable size of the Digital Editor is limited, the table only displays the numerical content of a small rectangular portion of the active image or selection. This portion is highlighted as a red rectangle on the active image. You can change the size of the Digital Editor by positioning the cursor near an edge or corner and dragging the two-way arrow to the desired position. Changing the size of the Digital Editor or scrolling its content will cause this rectangle to move over the active image or selection, showing you the location of the area being viewed or edited.

If the Calibrated values option at the bottom of the Digital Editor is checked and the intensity calibration has been set for the active image, the table will displays the calibrated pixel values. Otherwise the actual pixel values will be reported. Note that the Calibrated values will be unavailable for non-calibrated images.

To edit the numerical value of a pixel, click the related cell in the table and type a new value or change the current one using the spin controls. After you press the ENTER key or click another cell, the new pixel value will be transferred into the image. You can also modify values of a group of selected pixels, substituting them with the fill color
. To do that, highlight a group of cells in the table by dragging with the mouse or by clicking them while holding the Ctrl-key and then press the Fill button.

You can copy pixel values from the Digital Editor to the Clipboard by highlighting a part of the table and pressing Ctrl-C. The numbers are stored in the Clipboard in the text format and could be pasted into another application for further analysis.

If you activate another image or change a selection in the current active image, the Digital Editor will be automatically updated. If the content of the active image changes as a result of image processing, the Digital Editor will be updated as well. That allows for the live update of pixel values during an execution of real-time scripts.