Video Format (GigE Vision)  
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Toolbar:   videoformat  
Menu:   Acquire > Video Format  
Script:   setVideoFormat  

Use this command to select the video format settings for a GigE Vision compliant camera connected through the Gigabit Ethernet interface. The corresponding video driver must be selected in the Video Preferences

If you choose this command, the Video Settings dialog box will appear. Click the Video Format tab, and you will see the following options:

Pixel Format
Use this option to select the desired video format from the list of formats available for the current camera. In addition to the standard formats defined by the Gige Vision specifications, camera-dependent flexible scan formats can be available at the bottom of the list.  
Packet Size
Use this option to select the number of bytes in the image data packet. To lower the overhead of the packet transmission, it is recommended to set this property to the maximum packet size allowed by your network card and network configuration (typically 1500 if Jumbo packets are disabled and 9014 if Jumbo packets are enabled).  

Frame Rate
Use this option to set the acquisition frame rate in frames per seconds. Note that the actual frame rate can also depend on the exposure time.  
Width, Height
Lets you select the width and height of the partial scan window, in pixels.  
Left, Top
Lets you choose the horizontal and vertical offset of the top left corner of the scan window, in pixels.  
Lets you change the number of horizontal and vertical photo-sensitive cells that must be combined together. This property has a net effect of increasing the intensity (or signal to noise ratio) of the pixel value and reducing the horizontal size of the image. If the camera doesn't support the binning, this option will be unavailable.