Load map  
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Menu:   Processing > Palette> Load map  
Script:   loadMap  

Use this command to load an existing display map
from a map file to an 8- or 16-bit grayscale image. Mapping 16-bit pixel values onto the 8-bit gray scale is especially useful for non-linear contrasting of high-depth images while maintaining the maximum intensity resolution. If you choose this command, the Load map dialog box will appear with the following options:

Displays the number of the image frame in which the map will be loaded. By default, ImageWarp sets it to the number of the active frame. Type or select another value if you want the map to be loaded into a different image.  
Look in
Shows the drive or folder in which you can look for map files to open. To select a different drive or folder, click the arrow next to the box and browse through the folder list. The contents of the drive or folder you select appear below in the box.  

Up One Level
Click this button to move to the folder above the current one in the folder list.  

Create New Folder
Click this button to create a new folder in the current one.  

Click this button to display only the names of the files in the list.  

Click this button to display the details about the files in the list.  

File Name
Type a name for the file you want to open. If you highlight a file in the list, its name will appear in the File Name box and the palette stored in the file will be displayed in the Preview pane.  

Files of Type
Lets you select the type of files displayed in the file list. The default extension of ImageWarp's map files is "map". Select All Formats to load the map from a file of a different type.  
Closes the dialog box and loads the selected map into the image.  

Closes the dialog box without performing any action.