Local Zoom  
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Toolbar:   viewlocalzoom  
Menu:   View > Local Zoom  

Use this command to display or hide the Local Zoom window. Local Zoom is used to to show a magnified area of an image in a separate window with a specified zoom factor. The area shown corresponds to an area in an image window or Video window currently pointed by the cursor. It can be used with drawing tools, manual measurements, calibration, etc.

When you select Local Zoom, a new window opens in ImageWarp workspace. Chose the required zoom factor from the drop-down list or type it manually. Position the cursor over an area of interest in an image frame or Video window and watch the zoomed image displayed in the Local Zoom window. If the content of the image of interest changes as a result of image processing, the magnified image will be updated as well. You can use the mouse wheel to quickly change the zoom factor.

The cross hair in the Local Zoom window shows the current cursor position which is especially useful for performing accurate manual measurements and graphic editing.

The following options are available on the top bar of the Local Zoom window:

Zoom box
To adjust the magnification of the active image, click the arrow on the right and select the magnification factor from the list. You may also enter the magnification factor (in percent) manually and press ENTER.  
Zoom in (+ or Ctrl+ or Mouse Wheel Up)
Use this command to enlarge the magnification by a factor of 2.  

Zoom out (- or Ctrl- or Mouse Wheel Down)
Use this command to reduce the magnification by a factor of 2.  

Cross hair
Select this option to display a cross hair. Unselect it to turn the cross hair off.