Print Image  
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Toolbar:   fileprnt  
Menu:   File > Print  
Keyboard:   CTRL+P  

If you are printing an image file, the Print Image dialog box will appear with the following options:

Shows information on the current printer (Status, Type and Comment) and the port it is connected to (Where).  
To select another printer, click the arrow next to the Name box and browse through the list of the printers installed in your system.  
To change the settings of the printer, press the Properties button.  

Note – The options of dialog box that will appear after you press the Properties button depend on the software supplied with the printer. To find out any additional information, contact the printer manufacturer or vendor.  

Lets you choose whether to print the entire document or a selection, as well as the number of copies to be printed.  
Click All to print all pages in the document.  
Click Selection to print the selected portion of the document.  
To choose the number of copies to print, type or select the corresponding value in the Number of copies box.  
To print the document to a file instead of routing it directly to a printer, select the Print to file check box.  

Lets you choose the position of the printed image. The approximate position of the image on the paper is displayed in the preview window on the right.  
To position the image in the center of the printable page, select the Center on page check box.  
To choose the distance from the top and left edges of the printable page, type or select the desired values in millimeters in the Top and Left boxes respectively.  

Lets you choose the size of the printed image in millimeters. The changes are approximately displayed in the preview window on the right.  
To choose the width and height of the image, type or select the desired values in millimeters in the Hor. size and Ver. size boxes respectively.  
By default, ImageWarp maintains the aspect ratio of the printed image, so when you change one of these options, the other one changes accordingly. If you want to change each of these options independently, clear the Allow Size Distortions check box. Use caution when resizing images – it may cause the output to appear jagged or pixelated.  

Closes the dialog box and prints the image.  

Closes the dialog box without performing any action.