RAW Options  
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Script:   loadRaw

Use this dialog box to select options for opening a non-standard image file written in an uncompressed format.

display this dialog box if you select the RAW file format while Opening Image
or try to open a file of a non-standard type as an image. The purpose of RAW options is to give ImageWarp enough information about the file format so it could import it correctly. The following options are available:

Enter the correct width of the image in pixels (number of columns in the image matrix).  
Enter the correct height of the image in pixels (number of rows in the image matrix).  

Enter the number of bytes in the beginning of the file preceding the actual pixel data.  

Select an amount of bytes per pixel corresponding to the image to be imported.  
Check this box if you are importing a grayscale image as oppose to a color one.  

Byte order
Select between RGB and BGR byte orders for a color image.  

If you have no information about the size and/or type of the image file, you can determine the information through trial and error. You do this by repeatedly opening an image file with different argument values and viewing the resulting image on the screen. By varying the Width and Height and pixel Depth, you can obtain a recognizable image on the screen. You then determine the Offset by closely examining the first pixels in the image and removing any that do not look like pixel data.