Video Source (Simulation)  
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Toolbar:   videosource  
Menu:   Acquire > Video Source  
Script:   setVideoCamera  

Use this command to select the video source settings for the simulation video driver. If you choose this command, the Video Settings dialog box will appear. Click the Video Source tab, and you will see the following options:

Video Input
Lets you select the video input mode.  
Click Blank to have a blank image as a base for the video input.  
Click File to simulate the video input with a static image or animation (video) loaded from an image file. Enter the file name in the field on the right or click the Brouse button to use the Load File dialog. The file must have a format supported by ImageWarp. If you want to use an animation or video as a video source, select either an animated GIF file or AVI file. You can also select a sequence stored in the IWD, TIFF or FITS format.  
Select this check box to set the video acquisition to the trigger mode. You can simulate the trigger event in ImageWarp by clicking the Trigger command on the Acquire menu. To set the board to the free-run mode, clear the Trigger check box.  
Lets you add interference and noise to your base video source:  
Click Noise to add white noise to the video signal.  
Click VSync to simulate the lost of the vertical synchronization in the video signal.  
Click HSync to simulate the lost of the horizontal synchronization in the video signal.  
Click Sine to add a sinusoidal interference to the video signal  
Click Pulse to add intensity pulsations to the video signal.  

Click this button to return the options to their default values.