Video Format (Generic)  
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Toolbar:   videoformat  
Menu:   Acquire > Video Format  
Script:   setVideoFormat  

Use this command to select the format of a live video for a generic framegrabber (such as Matrox Meteor II). If you choose this command, the Video Settings dialog box will appear. Click the Video Format tab, and you will see the following options:

Capture Format
Use the drop-down list to select the image type with the captured frame. See Image Types for more details.  

Field Order
Lets you choose the order of the two fields in the captured frame. To place the even or odd field first, click the respective option button.  

Image Size
To choose the size of the image with the captured frame, click the respective option button. To indicate a custom size, click the upper option button and type in the desired values. Note that if your capture card does not support the custom image size, the upper option will be unavailable.  

Click this button to return the options to the capture card's factory defaults.