Video Source (Generic)  
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Toolbar:   videosource  
Menu:   Acquire > Video Source  
Script:   setVideoDevice  

Use this command to select the video source settings for a generic analog framegrabber (such as Matrox Meteor II). If you choose this command, the Video Settings dialog box will appear. Click the Video Source tab, and you will see the following options:

Video Input
Depending on the type of the input signal sent to the capture card, click Composite or S-Video (note that S-Video will generally provide a higher quality input than Composite because S-Video is a video signal separated into the luminance and chrominance components, while Composite combines luminance, chrominance and synchronization data transmitted via a single coax cable). You may need to consult the manufacturer's documentation packaged with your output device for the necessary information. Click TV-Tuner if a TV tuner is connected to the capture card input. If there is more than one video source connected to your capture card, select Input 0 or Input 1 in the drop-down list to adjust the settings of the respective input.  

Video Standard
Lets you select the video standard the output device uses. Consult the manufacturer's documentation packaged with your output device if uncertain. Depending on the video standard of the video source, click NTSC (USA) (National Television System Committee; in general use in the United States), PAL (Europe) (Phase Alternation Line; in general use in Europe) or Secam (Europe) (Sequence Couleur A Memoire; in use in some European countries). Click Detect to let ImageWarp automatically detect the video source standard.  

VCR Mode
Select this check box to improve the quality of the video when grabbing from a VCR.  

Asynchronous capture
Select this check box if you do not want to synchronize ImageWarp with the end of a grab operation and have it return immediately after initiating the grab start. By default, ImageWarp synchronizes with the end of a grab operation (i.e., it waits until a grab has finished before returning from the grab command).  

Sync to Trigger
Select this check box to activate the capture card's hardware trigger mode.  

Click this button to return the options to their default values.