Table Properties  
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Use this command to adjust the data table display settings. You can see how your table will look with the selected options in the Preview window on the right. Note that these settings do not affect the way your data table is printed; if you want to adjust the print settings, use the Page Setup command from the File menu. If you choose Data Table, the Display Settings dialog box will appear with the following options:

Titles and GridLines
Lets you choose the buttons, rows and columns settings.  
Click 3D-Buttons if you want the row and column headers to look three-dimensional.  
Click Vertical Lines to see dotted vertical gridlines.  
Click Horizontal Lines to see dotted horizontal gridlines.  
Click Mark Currrent Row if you want the current row header button to look pressed.  
Click Mark Currrent Column if you want the current column header button to look pressed.  

Lets you choose the Grid Lines, Fixed Lines, Tracking Line, Dragging Line and Background color settings. To change a color, click the desired color box in the palette to the right.  

Save settings to profile
Select this check box to store the current settings as the default settings for viewing all other data tables. Note that if you save the settings to profile, they will be applied even if you don't choose the Data Table Preferences command on the Edit menu when you open another data table file.  

Closes the dialog box and applies the settings.  

Closes the dialog box without performing any action.