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Use this command to modify, save and load image palettes. Palette is a table that defines an association between pixel values in palettized (indexed) images and corresponding display colors. Each entry in the table contains the 24-bit RGB value for a particular index. The very common use of palettes is pseudo-color, which is the application of color scales as a substitute for intensity in grayscale images. Assigning pseudo-colors to gray images can be especially useful for better visual distinction of the image areas with close gray values. Note that pseudo-colored gray images can be stored in the IWD, TIF, and FITS file formats only.
Select one of the following palette operations:




Edit palette
edit the palette of a indexed image.
Rotate palette
Rotate the palette of a indexed image.
Load palette
load the palette into an indexed image from a file.
Save palette
save the palette of an indexed image to the file.
Copy palette
copy the palette from one indexed image into another one.
Load map
load a display map into a grayscale image.