Draw ToolBar  
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Use this toolbar to access graphic editing tools of ImageWarp.



drawrectselect Rectangle Selection Tool
draw a rectangular selection area.
drawroundselect Ellipse Selection Tool
draw an elliptical selection area
drawfreeselect Freehand Selection Tool
draw an irregularly shaped selection area.
drawmagicwand Magic Wand Tool
create selection based on pixels similarity
drawmoveselect Move Tool
move the currrent selection.
drawpicker Picker Tool
pick a color from an image.
drawpencil Pencil Tool
draw connected points on an image.
drawbrush Brush Tool
draw using a paintbrush.
drawclone Clone Tool
clone another part of an image
drawfill Flood tool
fill an area of an image.
draweraser Eraser Tool
erase changes previously made by ImageWarp's drawing tools.
drawwarp Warp Tool
apply the linear warp effect to an image.
drawline Line Tool
draw a line.
drawrectangle Rectangle Tool
draw a rectangle or square.
drawellipse Ellipse Tool
draw an ellipse or a circle.
drawtext Text Tool
add text to an image.