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ImageWarp offers extensive on-line help for all levels of expertise. No matter where you are in ImageWarp, you can quickly access context-sensitive help by pressing the F1 key or clicking the Help button. The following table shows the type of the information displayed when the focus is on different interface elements of ImageWarp:

Focus on

F1 displays

Main window
Help on Graphical User Interface
Menu item
Help on the related command
Toolbar button
Help on the related command
Image frame
Help on images
Video window
Help on the Video window
Table frame
Help on data tables
Chart frame
Help on charts
Dialog box
Help on a function currently selected in the dialog box
Script editor
Help on the Script Editor
Digital editor
Help on the Digital Editor
Help on the Histogram
Line profile
Help on the Line profile

You can also receive context help on ImageWarp's script operators by clicking a desired operator in the Script Editor and pressing the F1 key.

ImageWarp's help is a standard Windows help system. As you are viewing topics, you can jump to a cross reference denoted with an underscore by clicking on the underscored word or phrase. You can also pop-up a definition denoted with a dotted underscore by clicking on the underscored term.

Quick Help provides brief descriptions of ImageWarp's commands. Quick Help is displayed at the left end of the Status bar at the bottom of the ImageWarp's workspace.

Additional Help tools are available through the Help menu:

Click Tip of the Day to get useful tips on how to operate ImageWarp.

Click Using Help to display this text.

Click Help Topics to display the content and index of ImageWarp online help.

Click Language Reference to display the content and index of ImageWarp Language Reference.