DDE Specifications  
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ImageWarp behaves as a DDE server, and as such, the following information is needed to use it as a remote service.

Service name
"IMAGEWARP" is a service name for the ImageWarp DDE server. Specify this name as part of the initialization of a DDE conversation. If multiple instances of ImageWarp are running on your system, use "IMAGEWARP" for the first instance, "IMAGEWARP1" for the second one, "IMAGEWARP2" for the third one, etc. This allows for DDE communication with multiple copies of ImageWarp.  

ImageWarp currently supports the SYSTEM and CONTROL topics. The SYSTEM topic provides a context for information of general interest to any DDE client. The following items are supported under the SYSTEM topic:  

DDE Item  
A list of all clipboard formats potentially supported by the server  
A list of the topics supported by the server at the current time.  
A list of items supported under the System topic  
A list of items supported under a non-System topic  
User-readable information of general interest  
The CONTROL topics provides the items and commands for exchanging the information between a DDE client application and ImageWarp and allows the client to control the execution of scripts in ImageWarp. The following items and commands are supported under the CONTROL topic:  

DDE Item  
Status of the currently loaded script. Could be one of the following: "RUNNING", "PAUSED", "IDLE"  
The set of script commands to be executed when poked into this item  
The value of the script variable selected by SelectVar  
The value of the parameter selected by SelectParam  
The value of the global grid cell selected by SelectCell  

DDEExecute Command  
[ Load ("filename") ]  
Loads a script specified by "filename" into the Script Editor  
[ Call (var[$]) ]  
Executes a set of script commands specified by the var string  
[ Run ]  
Starts or continues execution of a current script  
[ Stop ]  
Terminates execution of a current script  
[ Pause ]  
Pauses execution of a current script  
[ Minimize ]  
Minimizes ImageWarp window  
[ Maximize ]  
Maximizes ImageWarp window  
[ Hide ]  
Hides ImageWarp window  
[ Show ]  
Shows ImageWarp window and restores its size and position  
[ SelectVar (var[$]) ]  
Selects a script variable for the VARIABLE item  
[ SelectParam ( "param" ) ]  
Selects a specified parameter for the PARAMETER item  
[ SelectCell (obj[$], "param" ) ]  
Selects a global grid cell for the CELL item  

DDEAdvice Item  
ImageWarp will send a hot-link notification to the client each time the script terminates or enter the Pause mode