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val = getImType ( integer Image )

Use this function to retrieve the type of an image.

An integer between 0 and 116 specifying the frame number of the image. A value of 0 represents the DMA memory buffer of the video device. Values in the range of 100-116 correspond to hidden frames.  
Return value
The type of the image. Can be one of the following values:  
IM_GRAY or IM_GRAY8 – 8-bit grayscale image (256 levels)  
IM_1BIT – 1-bit palettized image (2 colors)  
IM_4BIT – 4-bit palettized image (16 colors)  
IM_8BIT – 8-bit palettized image (256 colors)  
IM_MULTI – multiphase image (256 bands)  
IM_RGB16 – 16-bit high-color image (5-bit x 3 channels, 32768 colors)  
IM_RGB24 or IM_RGB – 24-bit true-color image (8-bit x 3 channels, 16777216 colors)  
IM_RGB32 – 32-bit true-color image (8-bit x 3 + alpha channel, 16777216 colors)  
IM_RGB48 – 48-bit true-color image (16-bit x 3 channels, 281 trillion colors)  
IM_GRAY16 – 16-bit grayscale image (65536 levels)  
IM_GRAY32 – 32-bit grayscale image (4294967296 levels)  
IM_FLOAT – 32-bit floating point image  
IM_COMPLEX – 64 bit complex image (32-bit floating point x 2 channels)  
Error flags

The flag set if successful.  
The flag set if failed.  

This set of statements retrieves the type a captured image and checks whether it is a 16-bit grayscale image:  
grabIm (1)  
type=getImType (1)  
if type=IM_GRAY16 THEN print "16-bit grayscale"