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val = getVideoType ( )

Use this function to retrieve the type of the incoming video.

Return value
The type of the image. Can be one of the following values:  
IM_GRAY or IM_GRAY8 – 8-bit grayscale image (256 levels)  
IM_8BIT – 8-bit palettized image (256 colors)  
IM_RGB16 – 16-bit high-color image (5-bit x 3 channels, 32768 colors)  
IM_RGB24 or IM_RGB – 24-bit true-color image (8-bit x 3 channels, 16777216 colors)  
IM_RGB32 – 32-bit true-color image (8-bit x 3 + alpha channel, 16777216 colors)  
IM_RGB48 – 48-bit true-color image (16-bit x 3 channels, 281 trillion colors)  
IM_GRAY16 – 16-bit grayscale image (65536 levels)  
Error flags

The flag set if successful.  
The flag set if failed.  

This set of statements retrieves the type of the video and checks whether it is a 16-bit grayscale image:  
type=getVideoType (1)  
if type=IM_GRAY16 THEN print "16-bit grayscale"