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grabIm ( integer Output )

Use this function to capture a single image from the video device. The format and size of the image captured depends on the video device settings.

An integer between 0 and 116 specifying the number of the frame into which the image will be placed. Values in the range of 100-116 correspond to hidden frames. A value of 0 represents the DMA memory buffer of the video device  
Error flags

The flag set if successful.  
The flag set if failed.  
The flag set if timeout occurred.  

This set of statements will continuously grab the live video into a frame #1. If a capture error occurs, the script will terminate.  
loop while getError()=ERR_OK  

If the Output is set to zero, the function will initiate acquisition into the DMA buffer of the video device without subsequent transferring the data into an image frame memory. The data in the buffer can be accessed by processing and measurement functions as image #0. This provides the fastest and most efficient way for real-time image processing. However, if the video device is configured in an asynchronous mode and processing occurs at a slower rate than pixels are acquired, using the direct access to the DMA buffer may result in the decomposition of images and lost of data.