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measLines ( integer Input [, string File ] )

Use this function to activate interactive line measurements that allow the user to define line features and collect information about their geometrical properties. Equivalent to selecting the Line Measurements command in the Measure menu. Prior to performing line measurements, the image must be calibrated with a proper spatial scale.

An integer between 1 and 99 specifying the frame number of the image for which the measurements are taken.  
An optional string specifying the name of the ImageWarp data file for saving measurement results. If the file already exists, the data previously stored will be loaded into the Measurement table and the measurement parameters recorded in the file will be used to activate the set of measurements for the session. If no such a file exists, it will be created when the user presses the Save button on the dialog. In this case the set of parameters must be selected manually by pressing the Parameters button or specified in advance by using the combination of the setParamScope and selectParam functions.  
This set of statements reads a sample image, initializes measurement parameters using the global scope and activates interactive line measurements:  
setCurDir ("samples")  
loadIm (1,"sample8.iwd")  
selectParam ("Length","Angle","CenterX","CenterY")  
measLines (1,"lines.dbs")  

For more information on the Line Measurements dialog box and the list of supported parameters refer to ImageWarp User's Guide.