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setSpaceCal ( integer Image, string Unit, floating Xscale, floating Yscale [, integer Ox =0,
integer Oy =0, integer Invert =0 ] )  

Use this function to define a spatial calibration scale and apply it to an image. Spatial calibration supplies a scale for establishing a size relationship for objects in an image and affects the results of measurements.
An integer between 1 and 116 specifying the frame number of the image to which the spatial calibration will be applied. Values in the range of 100-116 correspond to hidden frames.  
A string specifying the name for the spatial calibration unit. If this parameter is zero, ImageWarp will automatically use pixels as the calibration units for the spatial scale being defined.  
Xscale, Yscale  
Floating variables or constants specifying the number of spatial calibration units per pixel in the horizontal and vertical direction respectively.  
Ox, Oy  
Optional integers specifying the position of the origin of the image coordinate system relative to the top left corner of the image, in pixels. Both positive and negative values are allowed. A negative Ox value will move the origin to the left of the left edge of the image, while the negative Oy value will move the origin up above the top line of the image.  
Default values: 0  
Optional boolean integer specifying the direction of the vertical axis. Must be one of the following values:  
FALSE=0 – keeps the Windows default downward direction for the Y-axis.  
TRUE=1 – assigns the inverted upward direction for the Y-axis.  
Error flags

The flag set if successful.  
The flag set if failed.  

This set of statements assigns a calibration scale with selected parameters to a sample image:  
setCurDir ("samples")  
loadIm (1,"sample8.iwd")